Come curious. 

I see you. I see the questions in your eyes, in the dance of your hands as you reach for the unknown. Some have spoken of a call--perhaps to  be Known, however briefly. How does this work? Does this really help? Should I go for it? You are welcome to join me. 

Something has changed. Perhaps it ambushed you and threw your world into chaos. Perhaps you crept upon you slowly. What has happened? I invite you to share with me. Because eventually, this change brings you to the crucial question: Now what? 

We don't really trust praise anymore, do we? We often confuse it for encouragement, but they aren't the same. Praise is an action; encouragement is an interaction. Each part of the word plays a role in the story of the whole: to be filled with courage from another source. It is a process. It is an act of collaboration. It is why I'm here. 

Leave encouraged.




Tarot Reading: $40

At this time I am offering remote one-on-one readings using Skype or Zoom. Comes with live footage of cat onscreen.



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